Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

Hey world,
Andrea here just expressing myself. A place to show my interests, vent, or to share myself to you <3
peace out world <3 Andy V.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we all get being a teen mom is hard, but DAMN the girls on Teen Mom 3 are needy, annoying, sad. Grow up a little, they act like if they don’t have a guy no one loves them. Shut up please.
Why is it when we snapchat our friends we make the ugliest faces on the planet, but when it is someone you have a crush on you spend 20 minutes making sure you seem beyond perfect

My nursing life may mean I have a non-existing social life, but my values mean way more than what people think! Waiting to get that BSN RN behind my name.

Hi your slutty-ness is getting really disgusting! Please respect yourself or don’t complain why you have an STD